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  • Online Dispute Resolution
  • Solve your dispute

    Conflicteam Online Dispute Resolution

    Conflicteam is a system to resolve dispute online without intervention from another person or entity

  • Solve your dispute

    have disputes or conflicts?

    Open a new dispute file, and make your offer to solve the dispute. its free

  • Solve your dispute

    invitation to Conflicteam

    Someone invites you to resolve your dispute between you and him in Conflicteam system

  • How it works

    Conflicteam is a system to resolve disputes online without intervention from another person or entity. Conflicteam is a useful tool and interface for two parties who are entangled in a dispute or some other type of conflict.

  • New Dispute

    Do you have any dispute with other side ? Do you want to compromise with him ? Do you want to save mony and solved you dispute quickly? Open now file in Conflicteam system and try to get compromised with the other side without human intervention

  • Solution

    Conflicteam provides a variety of dispute resolution solutions such as Financial Dispute and debts, Divorce settlement, Partnersships dissolution, Negotiations to right deals

  • Free

    Opening a file and sending an invitation to the other party is free of charge, including the first response by the other party. if you wish to continue the process price is: $25 for a unlimited additional bidding for 30 days

The easy way to solve your dispute

Without interference from human beings or any entity, you can solve your dispute in the easy way and get more than you wants


  • Saving Time

    Save Time, Bureaucracy, Legal measures and associated costs.

  • Individual interests

    Safeguards the individual interests of each party to the dispute

  • Involves

    no need to involve other people or any other entity

  • Management

    Easy and accessible interface management

  • Money

    Most important – It saves money and give you more that you wants!!!

  • Free*

    To send invetaion and make the first offer is free of charge, including the first response by the other party

How it works ?

  • Have dispute

  • The sides gives there offers in the system

  • System check the offers and make the compromise price

  • Dispute Solevd


ODR is a branch of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between parties. It primarily involves negotiation, mediation or arbitration, or a combination of all three (Online dispute resolution - Wikipedia)